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Wyatt White
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Wyatt White Bog is an album from MinimusNoah with tracks and musical notes and other assorted features. Favorite track: Bloom.
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shortgun is pretty f'ing good Favorite track: Ivory.
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Falls 02:59
Reverie 04:11
Cerebneir 03:00
Bloom 05:03
Bog 07:56
Dune 05:37
Ivory 04:06


Bog is the 2019 mixtape from MinimusNoah:

Bog is a collection of 8 tracks that where recorded from April 2018 to June 2019 (in random periods). This is my most consistent work to date. Bog has a much dreamier, larger, and prettier atmosphere than Views, the last project by me.

Bog actually started around Reverie. Reverie was going to be the title track, and the whole project was based around it. I was planning originally for there to be around 14 tracks. It was actually around this time that the current cover was made. I eventually changed the name to Cerebneir, a completely made-up word. At the time of the name change, the current track Cerebeneir was actually named something else; "Vul" I think, I'm pretty sure that Vul is also a made-up word. Eventually down the line, about three months, the artwork and name were completely changed. The name was going to be called "Landscaping." it would still have the same tracks, however, there was no title track. I forgot why I scrapped the name, however, I do know why the cover was scrapped. It was because I seemed to have subconsciously remade the cover to the Bibio remix of Tycho's "Spectre" (here's my cover: ) if you google the cover to the Tycho remix, you'd see the aggressive resemblance.

Eventually, the project was shortened down to 10 tracks, one never saw the light of day, and the other didn't fit into the rest of the tracklisting, so it became 8. It is the current state of the project that you see before you. I forgot how Bog became the title track, but it happened.

This has gone through multiple changes (I only covered the major ones), and I'm happy to see it out finally after over a year.

Huge thanks to anyone who supports my music.


released July 12, 2019


Made in FL Studio 20
Remastered in Ableton Live 10
Cover art by Noah Jones

Recorded: 4/6/18 - 6/17/19
Remastered: 10/31/20
NJOM 2019 / NJOM 2020




NJOM Indiana

Small multi-genre indie electronic music internet label started for fun

Founded by MinimusNoah

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